How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

There are several reasons why you should remodel your hardwood floors if you own them. Hardwood Floors Houston adds an elegant touch to any home. They can add a certain atmosphere that you will not get with carpeting or wallpaper. They also hold up better than most other types of flooring do. Below we have listed some of the benefits of remodeling hardwood floors.

hardwood floors

With all of that said, we need to look at two of the main reasons to remodel your hardwood floors: adding value and getting rid of moisture readings. When you make your floors new construction, you will probably see a higher value for your home than if you were to refinish your current floors. Refinishing can be done very quickly and you will not have to deal with moisture readings or the repair of old floor damage. The only downside is that it can be expensive to do and may take a lot of time. Your best bet is to hire a professional to refinish your floors or have them do it for you at a reasonable price.

Another reason to remodel your floors is that they will look so much better with engineered wood paneling than with the regular plywood flooring that most people are accustomed to using. Engineered wood is made from recycled or reclaimed wood that has been repaired, painted, sanded, and refinished. A typical engineered wood floor will have undergone over 300 treatment steps. This is much more than what most plywood or laminate floors go through. Engineered wood floors offer a higher gloss to the finish and more dimensional stability than regular wood products.

One of the greatest benefits of remodeling your hardwood floors is that they will withstand everything that mother nature can throw at them. They will not be damaged by water or oil. They will not be damaged by termites or insects either. In fact, they can withstand two tons of snow a day and not become damaged at all.

Remodeling hardwood floors can be done in two ways: the “do it yourself” method and the use of an expert. If you are comfortable with doing the work yourself and have the proper tools, you can certainly accomplish the task on your own. It can save you a lot of money to purchase good quality floor finish materials at the beginning of the project and if you purchase the wrong products at the end, you could very well end up ruining the finish or even staining it. Some of the other tools you will need include a sander, a power nail gun, a floor jointer, and a drill.

If you decide to hire a professional to remodel your hardwood floors then there are many things you should know before hiring someone to do the work for you. First of all, it is best to hire a professional that has experience in hardwood floors as opposed to someone who claims to know nothing about the process. It does take some knowledge to be able to properly refinish hardwood floors but if you hire someone who has little to no experience they may be unable to do a good job. Also, check to see if they have any references or previous clients that you can check with.

During the actual hardwood floors project, the actual sanding and finishing process takes place. It is important to hire someone who understands this process because if they don’t understand how properly sand the floor, you could waste a lot of time. You want someone who can understand the type of wood you have because different woods require different sanding. Some wood can be sanded with a commercial-grade sander, but if it is hardwood floors, you need to use special equipment designed for this type of finish.

To save money on your hardwood floors, if they have been refinished, you need to make sure that you understand how much of the original finish has been removed. If you are not an experienced homeowner, you may think that you can refinish the wood floor yourself, but in all reality, it will be more difficult to do it yourself than it would have been to do it in the beginning. Even professionals specialize in refinishing wood floors because it costs a lot of money to have them done professionally. This is especially true if you have hired someone to install the wood floor in your home.